No One Makes It Through The Winter

from by Digitama

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No one makes it through the winter,
No one makes it to the spring.
We been waiting here since summer,
but this pain is everything.

And I try so hard to make it,
I just wanna be some one,
We tried so hard to fake it,
then we realized we were done.

Life is tough, you make you choices,
but we all have lost our voices,
falling deep into dreams,
or is it my nightmare?

I wanna make it through the winter,
I wanna make it to the spring,
I wanna make it back to summer,
And I wanna fuckin' sing,

And I'm gonna say I love you,
And I'm gonna tell the truth,
Imma make myself a winner,
listen up cause here's the proof.

Don't wait for me, to wait on you.
I make things up, you see it's true,
but baby, I'll make it up to you,
believe me.

I've done things wrong, I make mistakes,
and men can bend and men can break,
but I'll pick myself up from the ground,
you see me.

No one makes it to tomorrow,
No one makes it part today,
feelings die with our own bodies,
to our infinite dismay.

Just leave me off, and shut me down,
don't want this sad old man around,
he'll make his own way back to town,
he's just that kinda guy,

Idiots get sympathy,
a sap stories' apology,
I make my way through one, two, three,
then happiness.

I'm gonna see you in the future,
don't you try and stop me now,
depression's just a road block,
so when I fly I get around,

I believe that we're all special,
I believe in you and me,
don't let the world pass right by me,
yeah, I'm gonna set it free.

I refuse to fall apart now!
I refuse to be shut down!
I refuse to be unhappy!
I refuse to just go down!

We'll all make it to tomorrow,
We'll all forge right through today,
just to make it back summer,
come on baby come this way!



from Dreamless, released June 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Digitama Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

a robot designed to write bad pop songs, and wail them at crowds.

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