I'm No Expert

from by Digitama

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"I'm finally out. What did I learn? What did I do? What's next? These are questions I'll never answer."


Well this Sally girl,
she said she knew everything,
She said if she,
went back, she could do anything.

Knowin' then what she knew now,
she thought she'd turn it inside out,
it ends up one life just ain't enough,

I'm no fucking expert,
I don't want you to get hurt,
I don't know how to be so,
So good at anything.

I'm no fucking expert,
I don't know how to go back,
I don't know if you're happy,
I don't know the future yet.

Well I packed my bags,
cause the doctors said I was sane now,
They said,
"Boy, you won't get hurt anymore."

I told 'em,
"You watch what you say doc,"
"Cause hurtin',
that's what I'm livin' for"

I was living in my mind,
I tried to open up my eyes,
but love and cheesy lyrics, found no answers

I realized that love is true,
but somehow, that made me more blue,
at least I finally made it through the winter.

Still I'm no fucking expert,
But livin' on ain't just guesswork,
we're all stupid and angry,
and we can't even rhyme.

I'm no fucking expert,
I don't know how to sing,
I don't know how to play,
this goddamned guitar.

At least I ain't,
asking you to hell again,
and at least,
my intentions were made clear.

At least,
you finally stopped cryin',
and at least,
I had a bit of your stew.

At least,
I met a crazy gal named Sally,
and at least,
I found out what I want.

At least,
I picked up all my groceries,
and at least,
this thing is almost done.

You think that it's no proper end,
but let me please made my defense,
Somethings don't wrap so neatly together.

Obsessed in the formalities,
of all the frivolities,
I really did enjoy that dictionary.

I'm no fuckin' expert,
Endings make me just sick,
I'm not easy to stick,
to any one thing.

I'm no fuckin' expert,
I thought I was crazy,
but maybe just lazy,
well fuck if I know.

I'm no fuckin' expert,
don't ask me any questions,
don't ask for my opinion,
we're all formin' our own,

I'm no fuckin' expert,
oh yeah.
Oh oh.
As I fly into the sun, like a fool.


from Dreamless, released June 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Digitama Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

a robot designed to write bad pop songs, and wail them at crowds.

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